We give visibility into teams' strengths and weaknesses
Although our worlds are flooded with more data than ever, most leaders are flying blind when it comes to understanding the skill and knowledge levels of their team. After completing a major learning initiative, most organizations will look at completion and attendance data as a basis for measuring success, which is completely disconnected from the original business objectives the initiative was intended to improve.
The way we see it...
Performance measurement and analysis are key components of the Fused toolkit and we use a variety of methods to collect data and gain insight into how employees perform and make decisions. From simulations that evaluate how people navigate work scenarios to measuring skill adoption within a learning experience, we design tools that capture meaningful data to reveal employee strengths and gaps. These data drive personalized learning and help leaders make informed decisions.
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How we've helped others
After a large globally dispersed sales organization invested heavily in strategic selling and customer engagement skill training, they had no visibility into whether skill growth actually occurred and where, specifically, people needed more support. Fused created an immersive sales simulation that evaluated 1000s of salespeople across 12 critical skill areas, including intelligence gathering, account planning, customer engagement, and negotiating deals. The simulations generated detailed performance data that revealed where individuals and teams needed the most support. This fueled managers to conduct constructive coaching conversations and enabled leadership to prioritize where learning investment could have the greatest impact.
Simulation experiences that get visibility into how they actually work
As learners proceed through high definition simulated work experiences, we collect data on their decisions at every step of the way, building detailed maps of their strengths and weaknesses across a spectrum of skills and competencies that are crucial to business in practice.

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Easy to understand dashboards give managers instant visibility into their teams and turn data into insight
Data from our diagnostics programs arrive to you in easy to understand dashboards that provide not only data visibility, but that compare best practice and context to give you insight that you can act on.
Post-completion analysis that helps you turn insight into action
Our industry experts and data scientists review the outputs of your learners' performance, both individually and collectively, to extract patterns, identify systemic strengths and weaknesses, and develop recommendations for action to get your organization aligned and growing.
Teach business-critical skills, behaviors or concepts
all the way through to job application.
Preparing for Battle
Get visibility into a teams strengths and weaknesses
and where a learning investment will have the most impact on improving performance.
Team Diagnostic Programs
Develop striking courses, media, and tools
that are designed and tested for better engagement.
Tested Design Strategies
Scale initiatives to reach larger, more dispersed audiences
without increasing pressure on your limited learning and development resources.
Reaching a Larger Audience
Simplify how people find answers and access resources
by creating a centralized hub that pulls everything into one place.
Resource and Learning Hubs
Adapt conferences and workshops
into virtual experiences without sacrificing their impact.
Workshops and Conferences