We help teach business-critical skills, behaviors & concepts
Nobody has ever learned how to ride a bike or play an instrument by watching a PowerPoint presentation, yet this is how we expect professionals to improve their craft. Although we’re all aware that people quickly forget information they’ve been exposed to in a single presentation, learning strategies rarely consider the real world application required to make learning truly stick.
The way we see it...
Formal learning (presentations, eLearning, micro-learning) is a valuable step in the learning process. However, we learn best when working to apply skills and concepts to our world. Practicing, reacting to unique situations, and getting support as we encounter challenges along the way create opportunities for reflection and growth. We ensure practice and job application lay at the heart of all learning initiatives in order to drive behavior change.
We’re limited in the work we are allowed to advertise. Talk to us and we’ll fill in the blanks.
How we've helped others
Even after completing a competitor's strategic negotiation program, a pharmaceutical account management team was still struggling to get contracts renewed that protected their organization’s profit margins and best interests. Fused created a negotiation experience where account managers worked on their current customer contracts throughout the learning experience to create powerful positioning statements, pricing and concession strategies, and closing techniques alongside expert coaches that could be put to immediate use in improving financial outcomes.
Unique approaches that focus on learner's actual customers and deals
Group dialogs and ongoing social engagements invite learners to bring their most pressing concerns into the classroom. Using real-life scenarios, and mining the intelligence of the entire virtual classroom, learners leave the classroom with useful and actionable insights.
Real work and real practice, without the risk
Pragmatic practice tools, like our Video Review tool, let learners safely practice new skills and approaches with their peers. This lets them build confidence and experience before they bring their fresh "A" game to their customers in high pressure, high risk environments.
Teach business-critical skills, behaviors or concepts
all the way through to job application.
Preparing for Battle
Get visibility into a teams strengths and weaknesses
and where a learning investment will have the most impact on improving performance.
Team Diagnostic Programs
Develop striking courses, media, and tools
that are designed and tested for better engagement.
Tested Design Strategies
Scale initiatives to reach larger, more dispersed audiences
without increasing pressure on your limited learning and development resources.
Reaching a Larger Audience
Simplify how people find answers and access resources
by creating a centralized hub that pulls everything into one place.
Resource and Learning Hubs
Adapt conferences and workshops
into virtual experiences without sacrificing their impact.
Workshops and Conferences