We adapt conferences and workshops into virtual experiences
The cost, effort, and time consumed running in-person events makes them very hard to justify as a regular tool for conducting business. Although there is no replacement for the relationship building that occurs when team’s get together in-person, too often organizations rely on live events to deliver training or conduct strategic planning sessions in-person because sound alternatives are not known.
The way we see it...
We help organizations adapt conferences and workshops into learning events that offer all of the flexibility that a virtual offering can bring without sacrificing the most valuable elements that make live events so powerful - discussion, collaboration, and teamwork. Virtual events are infinitely scalable, repeatable, easier to adapt to evolving business needs, and achieved at less than a quarter of the cost of managing a live event.
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How we've helped others
One of the world’s most recognized multinational conglomerate brands needed to expand their high performance leadership program responsible for grooming their next generation of business leaders across the globe. The existing model of bringing teams together to conduct learning in-person came with a high price tag ($10M+ annually) yet participants were still not provided the amount of learning and project activities needed to achieve the program objectives. 

Fused adapted the program from a series of quarterly learning events into a blended program experience that allowed participants to engage in learning activities and team project work asynchronously in a dedicated online workspace, coming together in a virtual sessions to debrief key milestones. This adapted program improved the participant experience by distributing learning and project work throughout the year and also significantly reduced the program costs to less than 6% spend compared to years prior. 
Virtual events and resource that bring the event to the learner - powerfully and economically
Virtual events make large-scale meetings and conferences extremely affordable, logistically easy to manage, and help centralize resources and materials in ways that large-scale live events cannot come close to.
Unique interactions that put more focus on the individual
It's easy for event attendees to get lost in the crowd - Virtual events allow for more hands-on involvement by individuals, and assure that they are interested, engaged, and growing.
Discussion focused engagements that give virtual events the human touch
Social interactions are the cornerstone of any successful virtual event. Without them, these rollouts are yet more faceless and inhumane website driven mandates that your people are forced to consume.

We root our exercises in discussions that not only provide person-to-person engagement during the event, but continue beyond the event to provide answers and support as learners take new ideas and approaches into the field.
Teach business-critical skills, behaviors or concepts
all the way through to job application.
Preparing for Battle
Get visibility into a teams strengths and weaknesses
and where a learning investment will have the most impact on improving performance.
Team Diagnostic Programs
Develop striking courses, media, and tools
that are designed and tested for better engagement.
Tested Design Strategies
Scale initiatives to reach larger, more dispersed audiences
without increasing pressure on your limited learning and development resources.
Reaching a Larger Audience
Simplify how people find answers and access resources
by creating a centralized hub that pulls everything into one place.
Resource and Learning Hubs
Adapt conferences and workshops
into virtual experiences without sacrificing their impact.
Workshops and Conferences