We scale initiatives to quickly reach larger and more dispersed audiences
Does this sound familiar? You have 800 people across four regions who need to get up-to-speed on a business critical initiative in their native languages. Oh, and it needs to be rolled out in 60 days!

Learning & Development teams, already stretched thin from competing priorities, face impossible challenges trying to enact meaningful change by developing and delivering programs that require  constant presence and supervision. Faced with no viable alternatives, low-impact webinars and recorded presentations become the best option.
The way we see it...
We help organizations create scalable and repeatable learning experiences that make the best use of people’s time. Blending self-paced learning tools with collaborative discussions, team activities, and facilitator coaching to build active learning environments. Using our delivery model, we’ve helped thousands of participants work through coursework together in teams with only a fraction of the effort required to manage audience logistics and delivery effort; and with no negative impact on program effectiveness.
We’re limited in the work we are allowed to advertise. Talk to us and we’ll fill in the blanks.
How we've helped others
A US-based laboratory instrument company with a large global footprint needed to roll out a marketing transformation campaign across their team of nearly 500 marketers. Not only did the campaign need to reach all corners of the globe, for the program to have a lasting business impact, teams needed to be engaged in the experience for a series of months. Fused created a 12 part curriculum that guided marketing teams through learning key concepts and supporting tools that teams could apply to their business. Everything was hosted in a central virtual hub that allowed rich learning experiences to be conducted without gathering face-to-face and continues to act as a home for sharing ideas and beast practices.
Courses and course libraries that provide fast access to anyone and everyone in your organization
Courses and resources that are easy to access, easy to use, and permit focused rollouts of new concepts and capabilities to your entire organization.
Curated learning paths that help standardize a foundation of capabilities for all of your people
Standardizing core capabilities in all of your people is a tough task to design, implement, and police. Fused has simplified the task by creating curated learning paths that help define paths for individual and team learning development, ensuring that all of your people are on level ground.
Collaborative coursework that brings all of your people from around the globe into meaningful sharing and communication engagements
Fused coursework is built around the basic premise that social learning brings the best out of your people. Social learning offers opportunities to practice new ideas, share insights, and raise the collective IQ of your teams, and does so in a living environment that is more adaptive to the context, changes and challenges of modern business.
Teach business-critical skills, behaviors or concepts
all the way through to job application.
Preparing for Battle
Get visibility into a teams strengths and weaknesses
and where a learning investment will have the most impact on improving performance.
Team Diagnostic Programs
Develop striking courses, media, and tools
that are designed and tested for better engagement.
Tested Design Strategies
Scale initiatives to reach larger, more dispersed audiences
without increasing pressure on your limited learning and development resources.
Reaching a Larger Audience
Simplify how people find answers and access resources
by creating a centralized hub that pulls everything into one place.
Resource and Learning Hubs
Adapt conferences and workshops
into virtual experiences without sacrificing their impact.
Workshops and Conferences