merges decades of performance experience with leading-edge technology.

We believe in data – we believe data is the key to unlocking the capabilities of people in business, it's our access to the highest levels of performance and the guidance to reach our goals efficiently and cost effectively. We embrace technology and grow with it as it grows – we think creatively, and open our minds to understanding how the world's newest technologies and most innovative new ideas can help solve business problems, and more importantly, human problems.

We believe that the underlying failure of typical Learning & Development technologies is that technologists have been its creators.

As much as we are in praise of technology, we also have to recognize that technology tends to create massive headaches, and nowhere is this more obvious in business than in Learning and Development. Typical "Modern" training dehumanizes its people and creates platforms that promise to solve human problems without ever understanding the people they're meant to help. The technology that's supposed to bring more out of people, instead, treats them generically and robotically.

Solving human problems with human answers

Fused is fundamentally different. We're a performance consultancy at our core. We've been solving human problems with human answers for decades, and as the technology grew, we discovered its uses. We started with a need, and found ways for technology to break cycles of old thinking, leading to breakthroughs in teaching and learning. We found tools in technology to give muscle to our ideas. We use data and analysis to strengthen our leverage of learning science to give learners more in less time, and to help businesses do more with less.

Data drives everything

We believe that until you have data, you have nothing, therefore everything we do at FUSED starts with data.

  • Data to inform strategy and support decision making.

  • Data to locate your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Data to find your "A" players and cut the dead weight.

  • Data to drive engagement.

  • Data to prove value and measure return of investment.

Groundbreaking technology

Fused is pioneering the use of data driven Performance Support, or Performance Intelligence – combining a proprietary fusion of business intelligence, analytics and prediction, simulation, social learning, virtual reality, big data, machine learning, and more – all with the goal of making your business run more effectively and more profitably.


We have over 65 combined years of experience helping businesses do better business.