We develop striking courses, media, and tools
It’s difficult to compete for attention in a world where social media feeds and pop-up notifications compete for every ounce of our attention. In a 2020 survey, workers reported spending 2.5 hours distracted by content unrelated to their job each day. How can we expect a lifeless virtual presentation or eLearning course to get someone’s full focus when it lacks a compelling story or visual pop?
The way we see it...
We get just as bored as anyone else with corporate training and have suffered through years of compliance videos and monotonous webinars to know why learners shift their attention back to a Facebook feed. Our production team comes from a diverse background in music, film, and other creative industries where grabbing attention is not an option. We create instructionally sound learning content that captivates learners and stands out in the often uninspiring corporate world.
We’re limited in the work we are allowed to advertise. Talk to us and we’ll fill in the blanks.
How we've helped others
A rapidly growing technology company needed to produce instructionally sound, attention grabbing learning content for their internal audience and global developer community. Faced with needing content to be both rapidly produced and have a high production value, Fused designed a course authoring pipeline that blended motion graphics videos with subject-expert led demonstrations to create the perfect balance. Our production process leveraged more resource heavy video production to the areas where it had the greatest impact, allowing a full catalog  of polished courseware to be developed in under six months.
Beautiful documents and presentations that grab and keep their attention
Documents, ebooks, visualizations and graphics that stand out - cutting through document fatigue, and providing learners with fresh views of information to spark powerful thinking.
Highly produced video, audio and multimedia
Modern digital audiences expect highly produced materials that meet or exceed the what they're seeing across all of the touchpoints of their digital lives. We create highly produced animations, audio and multimedia experiences that demand learner attention, and entice them to devour new ideas.
Teach business-critical skills, behaviors or concepts
all the way through to job application.
Preparing for Battle
Get visibility into a teams strengths and weaknesses
and where a learning investment will have the most impact on improving performance.
Team Diagnostic Programs
Develop striking courses, media, and tools
that are designed and tested for better engagement.
Tested Design Strategies
Scale initiatives to reach larger, more dispersed audiences
without increasing pressure on your limited learning and development resources.
Reaching a Larger Audience
Simplify how people find answers and access resources
by creating a centralized hub that pulls everything into one place.
Resource and Learning Hubs
Adapt conferences and workshops
into virtual experiences without sacrificing their impact.
Workshops and Conferences