Hi. We're Fused
Proven workplace learning that people love.
Hi. We're Fused
Developing agile, high performing people to excel in today's dynamic markets.
Hear us out
We’re good at improving how people perform.
We specialize in crafting workplace learning systems and in-person training experiences to maximize the impact on your organization - by focusing on improving the day-to-day performance of your people.
We make it easy. Real easy. For everyone.
What's the value of a learning approach that adds complexity to your responsibilities? We believe in building ideas that are easy for you to launch and run, easy for managers and facilitators to do their part, and a pleasure for learners to engage with.
We put a lot of time and energy into validation.
We believe in matching the right effort into the right needs. We believe in the right tool for the job. We believe that data is necessary to understand your unique needs as an organization, and the needs of each of your individuals.
We love problem solving.
Fused thrives on collaboration - while we think we have a few great ideas, we know that our solutions together will be a unique partnership based on the particular needs, attitudes and language of your environment.
We advocate for your people.
We find that many organizations lose objectivity when it comes to understanding the needs of their people. To effectively drive change in an organization, it's essential to understand the needs, opinions, and challenges individuals face.
We are ridiculously happy with this work. Thank you so much.

Jon Bonger - Workday
We couldn't have done it without Fused.
Jon Bonger - Workday
I like Turtles.
Jon Bonger - Workday
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