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A digital experience designed to make your sales grow and get you business results in 90 days!
Screenshots of the simulations.
Calls and meetings screenshot.
Calls & Meetings
Customer and stakeholder conversation screenshot
Customer and Stakeholder Conversations
Chat session screenshot
Chat Sessions
Email communication screenshot.
Email Communication
CRM Management Screenshot
CRM Management
Fused simulations place participants virtually through the same types of tasks and decisions  experienced in a workday.
As they step through market and customer research scenarios, strategic planning assignments, and internal or external conversations, we gather data on their critical thinking, planning, and customer engagement abilities – providing you with a detailed view of where your people are succeeding, and where they need help the most.
Designed to test and improve the agility of business professionals
Digital engagements take a deep look into how your team navigate and respond to the most critical aspects of their job by replicating the  events and decisions they encounter on a daily basis.

Practicing and evaluating these engagements  creates quick and immediate development opportunity that drive higher performance.
Virtual technology that improves on traditional coaching and performance approaches
Virtual diagnostics outperform in capturing your people’s performances in several ways:  They capture a higher level of detail across a wider range of metrics, they’re able to leverage data science to gain greater insights from that data, they’re easier to perform, easier to get adherence across your organization, and they are far more efficient with your time.
  • Reduced Time Out of Office
  • Compatibility with Health and Safety Standards
  • Defines Standards Across Teams
  • Defines Direction Across Organization
  • Responds to a Growing Preference for Virtualization
  • Evaluates Across a Wider Standard
Screenshots of the product.
Simulation Diagnostic Tools screenshot
Simulation Diagnostic Tools
Progress and completion tracking screenshot
Progress & Completion Tracking
Team level performance screenshot
Team Level Performance
Individualized Coaching Plans
Individualized Coaching Plans
Materials Efficacy Surveys
Materials Efficacy Surveys
A complete coaching system.
Manager & Coaching tools provide high level views, in-depth insights, and all the guidance and resources that managers and coaches need to get more out of their coaching efforts.
Heat maps provide actionable insights into the performance health of your team.
• Identify common areas of strength and weakness across your team to guide development efforts.

• See the specific strengths and gaps at the individual level to inform 1:1 coaching sessions.
Immediate, personalized digital coaching for every person and every problem.
Every learner is different, and so is every problem – this Field-Ride gives instant analysis of strengths and weaknesses for each individual. Personalized coaching on their actions and learning resources are prescribed, aimed to improve weak skills and strengthen performance across their full spectrum of capabilities.
A standard for calibrating your coaching efforts across your organization.
Simulations act as a standard metric for measuring and coaching performance, whether it’s a team of employees reporting to a single manager or multiple managers across an organization. This cohesion leads to stronger performance across the board.

Pharma Virtual Field Ride

Designed to evaluate and boost the performance of pharmaceutical sales professionals. Learn more.

Account Executive Simulation

Sales professionals are challenged across a variety of account management, customer engagement, and deal closing skills.Learn more.

Artemis Marketing Simulation

Challenges Marketer’s ability to research, plan, and execute an ambitious new product launch. Learn more.

Medical Director Simulation

Challenges Medical Director’s ability to understand markets, identify and address gaps, and manage stakeholders to support a global drug launch. Learn more.

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