Artemis Marketing
Challenges Marketers ability to research, plan, and execute an ambitious new product launch.
The Scenario
In Artemis Marketing: The Pursuit of Customer Relevance, participants' customer focus, strategic savvy, and personal leadership skills will be challenged. Armed with experience and marketing knowledge, participants enter a virtual world, assuming the persona of a Marketing Director. In the adventure, they will lead the assessment and strategy development for a high-profile, innovative technology.

If they get stakeholders to agree with their plan, they may end up successfully launching a new product offering that holds the promise of restoring sustainable growth for an embattled Fortune 500 global company.
Skills Assessed & Improved


Marketers must be obsessed about the customer and apply their obsession to decisions and actions. This part of the simulation will focus 100% externally—on the customer, the competitors, and the environment—showing what it truly means to be customer oriented.


Marketers must make strategic choices that result in sustainable profit and growth. This part of the simulation reinforces importance of choice and clarity, so can the organization can be purposeful about what activity and what resources to engage in.


Marketers must help the organization align and focus on the right things for customer and company success. This final part of the simulation supports the discipline of ensuring all work is aligned to the strategic choices made.

Activity Flow
Warm up
You are tasked to lead your team in making a decision on which customer segment to pursue.
Gather Info
Information is gathered from colleagues, documents, and WebEx meetings to get you up-to-speed.
Navigate Stakeholders
You are challenged to lead the decision-making process with choices and information to prioritize.
Select Segment
A priority customer segment is selected and sent to leadership as your team’s recommendation.
You are asked to explain your decision rationale and perceived strengths/weaknesses for the segments.
Meet a physician
All decisions and reasoning are submitted for review, coaching, and feedback.
Get Feedback
Your CEO provides feedback on your priority segment decision in a video.
Know your strenghts and weakness
Detailed feedback is provided for each decision made in the activity.
Take advantage of Digital coaching and Performance data analysis
Performance Heatmaps and 
Data Science Analysis
Performance Heatmaps give leaders a birds-eye view of team and individual performance. Performance strengths and gaps across the organization Trends in decision making, performance consistency, and workflow efficiency Correlations between skill areas and opportunities to predict future performance
Immediate Participant Coaching
Digital Coach provided immediately upon completion to review strengths and weaknesses. Provides the participant with a detailed breakdown of their performance along with guidance for how they could improve. Self-study materials ae also provided to address key areas of need
Consultative Analysis & Recommendations
Marketing experts review performance and extrapolate findings from a business-focused perspective. Connects simulation findings into real-world performance issues. Provides actionable recommendations for improving performance by focusing development efforts on critical behaviors.
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