Pacific Sales Challenge
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The Scenario
Skills Assessed & Improved


It is crucial for salespeople to be adept at researching their accounts and market to get educated and stay current on trends, goals and needs. In the first chapter, participants will use their scanning and analysis techniques help them identify the key customer and market details needed to successfully plan and navigate conversations.


After completing their research, sellers will be tasked with creating a strategic plan and tactical meeting objectives to grow relationships with key stakeholders, uncover useful customer information, and advance opportunities forward.


Regardless of how solid a strategy or call plan is, the way a salesperson conducts and navigates a meeting will make or break the outcome. In this chapter, a salesperson will observe a series of customer meetings and will be tasked with identifying effective and ineffective behaviors to see how well they understand successful engagement techniques.


After progressing through a challenging sales cycle, the seller is tasked with drafting a thoughtful pricing strategy, negotiate the terms of the contract, overcome objections, and reach consensus with the customer to move forward. To succeed, the salesperson will need to leverage everything they learned about the customer and their unique needs in the previous chapters.
Example Activities
Warm up
Get up-to-speed on your market, key account, and associated stakeholders you will be seeking to influence.
Strategic & Tactical Planning
Establish an account plan and set meeting objectives to gather information and build relationships with stakeholders.
Navigate Stakeholders
Navigate a series of customer meetings to demonstrate effective engagement techniques and advance sales opportunities.
Take advantage of Digital coaching and Performance data analysis
Performance Heatmaps and 
Data Science Analysis
Performance Heatmaps give leaders a birds-eye view of team and individual performance. Identify performance strengths and gaps Trends in decision making, performance consistency, and workflow efficiency correlations between skill areas and opportunities to predict future performance.
Immediate Participant Coaching
Digital Coach provided immediately upon completion to review strengths and weaknesses. Provides the participant with a detailed breakdown of their performance along with guidance for how they could improve. Self-study materials are also provided to address key areas of need.
Consultative Analysis & Recommendations
Sales experts review performance and extrapolate findings from a business-focused perspective. Connects simulation findings into real-world performance issues. Provides actionable recommendations for improving performance by focusing development efforts on critical behaviors.
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