Tengenics Pharma Drug Launch
Challenges Medical Directors ability to understand markets, identify and address gaps, and manage stakeholders to support a global drug launch.
The Scenario
Participants play the role of an Affiliate Medical Director within the Immunology therapeutic area of Tengenics Pharmaceuticals, that is preparing to launch a new drug. Participants will provide medical/scientific strategic and operational input into medical affairs plans and activities, representing Germany in coordination with the Global team. This role presents an incredible opportunity, yet there's also a lot of risk and pressure as Global leadership will be looking closely at how you perform.
Skills Assessed & Improved

Market Research and Analysis

After receiving a brand plan from Global for an upcoming launch, participants evaluate the plan to identify gaps and develop an affiliate strategy that will be presented to leadership.

Evidence Generation & Synthesis

With gaps identified and prioritized, participants will make decisions on evidence generation methods and will synthesize data to generate insights.

Communication Strategy & Stakeholder Alignment

Participants will prepare a communication strategy for presenting affiliate recommendations to internal stakeholders, develop an execution plan to cascade across the team.

Example Activities
Identify & Prioritize Gaps
Evaluate the global brand plan to identify gaps and determine which evidence generation methods and objectives should be used.
Strategic & Tactical Planning
Synthesize evidence received and generate insights from the evidence to address gaps and affiliate misalignment.
Manager and Align Stakeholders
Develop a stakeholder alignment strategy to get approval and buy in for your affiliate plan.
Take advantage of Digital coaching and Performance data analysis
Performance Heatmaps and 
Data Analysis
Performance Heatmaps give leaders a birds-eye view of team and individual performance. Identify performance strengths and gaps Trends in decision making, performance consistency, and workflow efficiency Correlations between skill areas and opportunities to predict future performance
Organizational Analysis
Compare strengths and weaknesses across the organization Leaders can make informed development decisions and prioritization based on the simulation findings. Track growth and progress with follow-up simulation activities.
Deep Dive into Decisions and Business Implications
Subject matter experts review performance and extrapolate findings from a business-focused perspective. Connects simulation findings into real-world performance issues. Provides actionable recommendations for improving performance by focusing development efforts on critical behaviors.
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