We think we're on to something.
Fused is composed of business professionals intimately familiar with the daily pressures of our clients. We have decades of experience running the functions we now support as consultants. We do not come from a traditional professional learning background, we are business people who leverage learning and performance support tools to achieve business outcomes.

Today we work very hard to imagine tools and approaches that meet a contemporary working world that has vastly evolved from traditional lectures and the early days of eLearning.  We develop tools that get talent performing at their peak, that invite them to take initiative in their own learning, that are presented in modern formats that meet or exceed the digital and in-person experiences they are used to.

This is what we believe. Really.

We figure the best way to share our thinking about the work we do isn’t to just spin you some marketing - it’s to share with you our own brand promises – these are the core values that we measure everything we do against:
We act as an extension of your organization with a focus on fixing or improving the metrics that are most critical to your business success.
We leverage data and technology as tools to increase efficiencies, reduce effort, and accelerate performance growth.
We help our customers transform their workforce through work targeted learning and support and measure our success on business impact.
We  pioneer and prove new approaches and technologies around learning and performance within the workplace.
We are not inhibited by platform – online, in person, in groups, or individuals, the platform doesn’t matter, our approaches do.
We are allies to our users – we  create products that are easy for them to use and administer and surpass experiences they are used to.
We are ready to receive new challenges, to collaborate with customers across any industries to apply our principles to their unique issues.

We’re lean and efficient. That’s a very good thing for both of us.

Fused currently operates with two Partners, several key practice leads in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Medical, and Account Management, and supported by a robust team of over 100 trusted experts.

We believe in assembling lean teams, made up of  experienced resources, to move fast and efficiently towards achieving goals.
Keeping it lean means we can serve our clients quickly and cost effectively, by allowing us to pull in the ideal resources for every initiative, and adapt as needs evolve.  This balance of nimble and scalable means that our customers are in direct contact with the right experts and avoid the huge costs of corporate monoliths with vast organizations.

We believe in collaboration.

We really like what we do, and we’re constantly developing our own perspective on how learning at the workplace needs to happen. As such, we have some very good ideas about how to best grow your people.

That being said, we also know there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in this business. Companies are really unique things - each with challenges that are specific to their own internal worlds, their own marketplace considerations, their own political eccentricities. We love that about you - and we love extending our vision to include your unique considerations.

We have trusted resources everywhere

We have a global network of consultants, vendors and contractors that we work with every day. No matter where your business lives, and no matter what your business is, we have experts that understand the intricacies of your your business

Oh, and we've got some clout.

Let's get something started.

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