We cure your team’s performance illnesses - from examination to diagnosis, from treatment to support.

The effectiveness of Fused can be attributed to this simple medical analogy: Find out what’s wrong, prescribe a course of treatment, follow along during every step of rehabilitation, and finally cure and maintain your worker’s performance wellness.


A doctor wouldn’t treat a patient without adequately examining them, and yet that’s exactly what most companies are doing.

They’re throwing budgets and timelines out of the window with one-size-fits-none performance initiatives that treat everything but the problem.

We examine the performance of your individuals through various diagnostic tools – establishing a baseline for treatment and collecting raw data to test and diagnose your people.



Reviewing all of the data, we develop a diagnosis for your individuals and your teams.

Data informs and guides us and we analyze tons of it (both from our simulations and your companies unique inputs) to pinpoint each individual’s specific performance strengths and uncover their greatest needs.


Once we know exactly what’s needed, we prescribe the right course of treatment for each individual.

Everyone is different, in medicine and performance – so assigning the right course of treatment means something unique for each person. We get workers up and running faster, stronger and more efficiently by not only limiting treatment to what they individually need, but by taking their learning style in to consideration.


Like a great physician, Fused is engaged in your team’s wellbeing every step of the way.

Treatment is never a one-and-done proposition. Your team’s progress is monitored, reviewed, and their course of treatment is constantly tweaked and improved for better efficacy.

Technology can aid in constantly collecting data from your people, giving support at the moment it’s needed, modifying treatment strategies, and putting them on the road to powerful performance transformations.