Smart and targeted learning engagements that speak to every learning style.

We meet your workers with a broad range of unique engagement tools – including simulation exercises, rich e-learning activities, micro-learning games, provocative social collaborations and much more – assuring that each learner gets the support they need in formats that best fit the information and that cover a broad range of learning styles.


High fidelity simulation engagements

Learners act fast, putting out fires and making hard choices as they navigate virtual workplaces – replying to emails, participating in meetings, and ignoring the occasional phone calls to get things done.



Work-specific scenarios

Throughout all of our learning modalities, your team comes face to face with real, on-the-ground scenarios, making the new skills and competencies they learn along the way immediately actionable in the workplace.


Provocative social experiences

One of the key components of Fused’s approach to performance support is Social Learning. By interfacing with peers, learners have an opportunity to share unique points of view and open up questions to the collective intelligence – making every person in your organization part of the problem-solving engine.


Rich e-learning, multimedia, and micro-learning

Smart, high-production value presentations, videos, and micro-learning interactions make difficult concepts simpler for learners to understand and provide valuable points of fun and interest for your team.


Gamified learning interactions

We bring fun and competition into play with leaderboards, group challenges, earnable badges and achievements and more.


Carefully authored and designed learning aids

E-books, whitepapers and one-sheets, carefully designed to present the content that matters and leave out the rest.