Clear visibility tools that let your managers get insight into your team's performance and progress.

Data streams in from all ends of the Fused ecosystem – all that data means careful selection of what matters and what doesn’t. Not just in how we treat and support your workers, but in how we show you the most vital stats of their progress.


Find out who’s doing what.

  • Which learners are using which materials?

  • What level of completion are they for each?

  • How far along are they based on assigned timelines?


Find out which learning assets drive the best results.

  • How are scores in specific categories and skills changing?

  • Which assets correlate to those changes?

  • Are learners demonstrating skill or showing improvement?


Gather data to guide individual and team coaching conversations.

  • What performance trends are occurring across your team?

  • Which learning assets are they responding to?

  • Which learning assets are individuals more benefiting from?

Find out where the team-level strengths and gaps are.

  • Which topics are scoring high and low across the entire team?

  • Where is clear clustering of skill deficit occurring?