Everyone learns differently, everyone needs something unique.

The key to engagement is meeting your people on their terms. To get the absolute most out of your top players, you need to understand their desires and ambitions, their learning styles, and their strengths and weaknesses, and provide them meaningful experiences that will naturally grow them. If you fail to engage your best people, not only will you not get the most out of them, you ultimately lose them to companies that nourish them personally.


Most programs are only measuring completion...

Believe it or not, passing grades can be a curse – they suggest that further investigation is not required. If we’re only measuring passing completion of a competency, we miss the opportunity to improve it.

If a learner earns 80% on an evaluation, what's important to understand is that they got 20% wrong – but which 20%? Was it all in one topic? How will they ever improve that topic if they keep passing tests?

To give your people what they need, you have got to learn more than just whether or not they completed a task – you have to understand the nuances to their comprehension. You have to discover their strengths and weaknesses. 


Therefore, most companies don't know anything about their people and feed everyone the same stuff.

This is practically the standard. Develop coursework, give it to everyone – whether they know it, don't need to know it, or don't even work in a relevant department.



By collecting Hi-Definition Data you gain a nuanced understanding of your people.

When we talk about Hi-Definition Data, we're talking not only about what was answered, but why it was answered. A right answer tells you a person probably knew the answer... but how did they arrive at that answer? Sometimes, people arrive at the right answer through the wrong thinking – how can we find out? Other times, the wrong answer may have been arrived at through great reasons. How would would we know, and what could we do if we had all of the data?

Performance Intelligence begins with a complete slice-of-time health assessment of your entire workforce. By engaging your people and asking the right questions, we can learn so much more than simply whether or not they sat through the exercise – we can find out deeper strengths and weaknesses and address them more efficiently.

Find out what they know...

Get the subtleties of their comprehension, beyond completion, and beyond a passing grade for a module. You need to inventory the pieces that make up their knowledge, and get down to the specifics of where their problems lie.

and focus on what they don't.

Instead of blindly giving them the entire coursework, you focus in on the parts that need the work. By focusing on what matters, you can massively multiply concept exposure and practice within the same support footprint.