Performance Intelligence
is the fusion of Hi-Definition Data Collection, Intelligence, and Performance Support.

In other words – the visibility of data collection, the insight of analytics, and the actualization of performance support. With Performance Intelligence, you can truly understand how well your people are functioning, gain insight on what they need and have the tools to effectively deliver it when they need it most. Leveraging data at every step of the way, we're able to match every support effort to the individual level of need for every person in your organization. By balancing effort to need, we can achieve a high level of efficiency that maximizes your L&D budget and drives results more quickly and effectively.

1. Performance Data

  • How are teams and individuals performing?
  • Where are they succeeding and where are they failing?
  • Which concepts and topics do they need more attention around, and which ones are they excelling in?

2. External Data

  • What is the market doing?
  • What organizational shifts are we navigating?
  • What strategic initiatives are we implementing?

3. Analytics / Predictive

  • Where will our individuals and teams fail?
  • What support efforts will they need – what level of effort, and what concepts – to be ready for coming challenges?

4. Performance Support

  • How do we connect with workers in meaningful ways?
  • What are their goals and interests? Are they aligned with the business goals and interests?
  • What do we need to provide them to keep them engaged?
  • What do they need to handle the challenges ahead?

5. Measured Results

  • How successful was the performance support effort?
  • Did it affect the change that it was designed to influence?
  • How does the effort measure against the outcome?

Performance Intelligence
maximizes learning and development budgets where traditional approaches fail – by assuring that every resource supports the business need.

Budgets are destroyed by ill functioning performance schemes. Most of the hemorrhaging of costs comes down to a lack of accountability for the effort that’s being applied across the initiative. To maintain accountability and maximize investment, we ask the following five questions of every performance support effort that we apply to every individual.

  • Does this person need this support?

  • Is the support relevant to their function, and is their function aligned to the business need?

  • What and how much support is needed?

  • How do we deliver it optimally?

  • And once delivered, was the support effective?

So, in the end, this means we’re helping companies maximize their performance support investments by making every one of their performance efforts and actions matter.