90 days is too long to vet your new talent.

Businesses typically work against a 90 day vetting period with new hires. 90 days of evaluation before making stay/go decisions. In 90 days you've already disrupted your workplace and spent a hell of lot more than you should have for people that aren't pulling their weight. But how do you separate your gems from your ore ahead of the traditional timeline?

Our brand of Performance Intelligence begins and ends with Data – by gathering a complete slice-of-time performance health map of your entire workforce, we're fueled with all of the data we need to make decisions that matter.


Cut the dead weight

So, what about the 80% of the people in your organization the aren't covering their costs to you? Well, that's up to you, but here are some options:

  1. Take the time and money you would have spent on them and further enrich your "A" players. What could those "A" players achieve with all of that extra support?

  2. Take the time and money you would have spent on them and save it. Use that budget on something else or simply cut your expenses by 80%.



Find and feed your "A" Players

What could you accomplish as a business if you could easily spot the top performers – the 20% of your people who are earning you 80% of the revenue?

Performance science has long recognized that enriching and engaging your top people is drastically more effective (and economical) than attempting to get all of your people up to the same level.