You've invested in an L&D program...but how do you know it's working?

  • Can you differentiate the components that have lead to success vs. the ones that have not?
  • Are you able to relate wins and losses to upstream efforts you applied to individuals? To teams?
  • Are you able to see how your overall investment relates to your outcomes?
  • What would it be worth to your organization to be able to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, without having to wait for 3-4 quarters of sales results to draw a conclusion?

Track your support efforts from application to outcome

Companies often have no idea which of their efforts are successful, and which fail within a performance program. They may find that their numbers go up, but they don’t know which components of the training led to those better results, and which have simply wasted time and money.


Get up-to-the-minute data  to support operational decision making

Simple, valuable dashboards by person, by team, by manager, by region and by business type – all at your fingertips to inform your development focus areas and dollar spends.